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Price system / Label

Brown paper labels, PVC labels and metal labels are in production plants and shipping area.

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Glasses label

Label for glasses white, 25 pieces
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Label clips

Label-wires are tally clips to fasten labels.
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Labels wire

Plastic labels with wire in the hanging hole
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Loop lock labels

Loop label with slot for plants or crates. These Loop Labels are ideal for labelling all sorts of trees, flowers or crates. Writeable with a permanent marker. Attach by inserting the label through the hole.
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Loop ties

The knots all over allowing loop to be adjusted. PP material for lightweight use and nylon material for heavy duty. Safe, Strong way to attach tags to purse, shoes, belt, luggage. Colors could be customized. Loops lock permanently. Fasten by hands, no special tool required. Ideal for attaching tags to articles. Can be used for grouping items or bag closure. Adjustable Security Loops.
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Luggage Name Tag

Luggage tags made of soft plastic. Put your name in it and wrap it around the suitcase handle.
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Manilla Eco

Label Brown with a reinforced eye. They are used for pricing products or suitable for putting text and logo s on it. We are able to print them from size 45x90mm.
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Metal Label

Metal labels to describe with product information. These are often used in metal industry to atach article information on the products in the production process.
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Plastic labels

Plastic labels are suitable to put information on products.
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Shipping label yellow

The labels are produced of 200 grams wooden free yellow carton with an punched kraft eye. They are per 4 pieces and easy to tear apart.

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