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Tying solutions like locking strap and releasable ties.

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Cable tie

A cable tie(also colloquially know as zip tie,zap strap, zip strip, wire tie, mouse belt, tie wrap, quick draw or rat belt)is a type of fastener, especially for binding several electronic cables or wires together and to organize cables and wires. It is also used voor mounting decoration in shops.
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Locking strap

Locking straps are used to bind bags. Application for waste, agriculture, laundromat, in hospitals and chemical industry.
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Marker Tie

Marker Ties Usage: No blank tag at the entrance of cable tie, then write down the marker on the tag
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Rat ties

Suitable for assembling of cables, closing of big and heavy bags, propping (horticulture), etc. Reusable. The material is stable when cooked, weather resistant and has a high tensile strength.
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Releasable cable ties nylon 66. These ties, which are easily assembled by hand or with pliers, remain securely locked until intentionally relased by operating the finger catch.

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