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Edding 850 permanent marker

The edding 850 permanent marker is the right pen for anyone who wants to make permanent, legible markings and lettering: for example, on moving boxes or on almost any surface such wood and metal. Its wide chisel nib can create a stroke width of up to 16 mm, even over long stretches thanks to its large, refillable ink reservoir. This makes the edding 850 permanentmarker the ideal tool for big labelling jobs. This permanent marker is available in two colours and comes with a chisel nib, approx. 5–16 mm in width.


Product characteristics:

  • Low-odour ink that is resistant to water, light, heat and abrasion
  • Available in two colours
  • Use: Immediately useable
  • Stroke width: Approx. 5–16 mm
  • Nib: Square chisel nib
  • Refillable/replacement nibs: Yes/Yes


picture of Edding  850 black Edding 850 black
Permanent 5 - 16 mm Chisel tip
€ 8.00
€ 9.68 (incl. VAT)

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picture of Edding  850 red Edding 850 red
Permanent 5 - 16 mm Chisel tip
€ 8.00
€ 9.68 (incl. VAT)

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