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Packaging / Elastic | Rope

Rubber bands and ropes to hold objects together. Rope for butchers to tie pieces of meat.

picture of Elastic | Rope

Coloured rubber bands

Colored rubber bands are used for code use, to put a pricetag on products, for covering pots with a piece of fabric or in horticulture to bundle vegetables or fruit. The rubber bands are available in various lengths and colors. Is your length not listed, please call or email and we will see if it is possible.
picture of Elastic | Rope

Cotton cord

Cotton cord is available in a variety of thicknesses, for example No. 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 and 40. No. 32 means that the cord from ca. 32 threads. No. 32 has about 320 meters on a spool of 500 grams the higher the number, the thicker the cord. No. 32 in black/white is standard. Cotton cord black/white in other thicknesses is possible.
picture of Elastic | Rope


Sisal Twine rope is used for many purposes. The sisal rope is made of natural materials. Flax rope is made of flax and is a strong natural fiber.
picture of Elastic | Rope

Rubber bands brown 1,5mm

picture of Elastic | Rope

Rubber bands brown 3,0 mm

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