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Shop Supplies / Garment size

Products that can be used for the size of garment, code or for sale. These products makes it easyer for the customers for buying new clothes, so the can look directly with the right size. System for color coding sizes of garments

picture of Garment size

Collection rings

picture of Garment size

Mark Bric

You have probably seen the size indicators on hangers in clothing shops. They are also Mark Bric products, used in millions all over the world. When they appeared in 1971, they radically simplified the handling of clothes, both for shop assistants and customers.
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Size Divider

Size dividers for clothes are on the tubes between the hangers.
picture of Garment size

Size Dividers

Round size dividers fit round hangrails to organize clothing by size.
picture of Garment size

Size labels on rolls

picture of Garment size

Tube clip

Clothes size dividers clip for tubes.

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