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Horeca / Menu

Various possibilities for a menu. Menucardholder for a counter, bar or table.

picture of Menu

Beech wood stand

Beech wood stand for the acrylic card standard.
picture of Menu

Menu holder wood

Acrylic card holders for a price map or menu with a Beech wooden feet. That thickness of the acrylic is 2 mm.
picture of Menu

Menucard holder

Menu card holders made of transparant material.
picture of Menu

Menucardholder T-modell

Menucardholder T-modell, thickness material 2mm. It is produced of transparant acrylic. Table standard for menu, pricelist and other information.
picture of Menu

Menucardholder with base

Menucardholder with base, thickness material ca. 1.5mm. It is produced of transparant acrylic.
picture of Menu


Holder for menu transparent, white or black. With this menuholder you can clip a menu card in it and put it on the table or the bar.