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Shop Supplies / Mirror

Security mirror, traffic mirror, mirror ball and other mirrors that are used in shops or on the street.

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Ball mirror

Mirrors hemisphere, quarter sphere etcetera for indoor use. This acrylic mirror is an effective tool against crime, and is recommended for internal use, inside shops, supermarkets, showrooms and also in congested corridors. The lightweight mirror with a wide angle range is an ideal solution for denying concealed areas and blind spots. Easily fixed on ceilings, walls, and columns.
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Fitting mirror

Chrome Plated adjustable mirror with castors.
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Mirror Griffe

The Vista Griffe is an acrylic mirror with a black PVC gasket and dark grey metallic paint finish and can be used both vertically and horizontally, This can be used both internally and externally, ideal for supermarkets, shops, etc. and for outdoor locations such as car parks, concealed areas etc.
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Mirror Luxe

This is an acrylic mirror with a black PVC gasket with a galvanized back plate. The highest quality materials are used making this mirrors ideal for almost any location whether inside or oudoor eg. factories, stores, industr, as well as conventional uses such as concealed entrances, car parks and other public areas.
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Security mirror

Observation mirror to control work processes or against theft or shop lifting.
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The traffic mirror is ideal for roads, car parks and warehouses. The basic frame is made of acrylic, mounted with a black PVC gasket and a white frame. Also ideal for areas of vandalism. Sizes available: 40x60cm, 60x80cm and 80x100cm. The traffic mirrors are available with three different types of pole fixing Ø 48 mm, Ø 60 mm or Ø 76 mm, or with a separate wall attachment.

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