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Stationery / Office supplies / Paper clip

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Binder clip

A clamp which is very popular. This paper clip holds folders, loose sheets of paper and documents together. Strong metal clip.
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Brad Fasteners

Fastener to bind together perforated paper. the Brad fastener is also used to make a letter garland.
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Bulldog clip

A binder clip is a device for temporarily binding sheets of paper together. These bulldog clips are made of metal and available in the size: 22 mm, 31 mm, 38 mm 51 mm 63 mm and 75 mm.
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Paperclip self-adhesive with clip to easily hang up a piece of paper.
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Paper clips are bent metal wires with which paper can be kept together.
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Paperclips Quality

Rustproof Paper Clips Avoid unsightly marks on rare papers.

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