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Plastic clothes hangers are used for hanging clothing. They are modelled on the shape of the shoulder of the person and are used to hang and storage of outerwear like coats and jackets, but also shirts and blouses. Often, they have a crossbar, on which you can mount especially trousers. Some ironing variants are also intended for pants. With the hook in the middle of the hanger will then save space lined up on a pole. So, a quick search is possible without causing wrinkles in the clothing.

picture of Plastic hanger

Hanger shirts pants

Clothes hanger which is also suitable for the hanging of trousers.
picture of Plastic hanger

Hanger skirts

Flat pendant that is suitable for a skirt
picture of Plastic hanger

Pendant skirt | pants

picture of Plastic hanger

Pendant with 2 clips

Plastic clothes hanger black with 2 anti slip clips

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