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Price system

Products for setting prices on goods or services. The price is very important for customers. We sell labellers, labels, tagguns, datastrips and all kinds of product for pricing and coding.

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Hand labeller and labels

Handheld Labelling Systems Pricing Guns & Labels and Pricing Gun Ink Refills
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Brown paper labels, PVC labels and metal labels are in production plants and shipping area.
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Label dispenser

Various brands of label dispensers. Label applicators are used to easy dispense labels on rolls.
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Labels adhesive

Labels on sheet or roll round, rectangle, white colored and / or preprinted, removable or permanent adhesive.
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Loop lock fasteners

Loop lock fasteners are quick and easy tag holder for purses, glasses, garments, belts, shoes, luggage and much more. The fasteners can be easily attached. They are manufactured with double lock end that snaps into a barrel or conical end. Are you looking for another lenght, colours, quantities, ask then our sales for an quotation.
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Chalk boards, sidewalk signs, wandbord plates, etc. made of wood and have a black writing surface. These blackboards are to describe with chalk or chalk illumigraph markers. You see them often in restaurants and shops.
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Pop clip

Clamp transparent as price label holder. This pricecard holders is rotary and swiveling flexibly usable.
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Postercard board

Poster carton in different colors for writing price cards and advertisements.
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Price Card

Price cards are used to accentuate a sales action. There are also price tags made of fluorescent cardboard. This we have in different formats and also in the form of a circle or arrows. These price cards are used to announce promotions or discounts on markets or in shops.
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Price cubes

This system has individual cubes with relief numbers, which can be assembled for a price tag. For pricing products in shop windows of luxury goods shops.
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Price pen | Price holder

Card and sign holders for shops that are used for pricing products.
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Price pockets

Tag protector, Vinyl pouch, transparent, with a hole for hanging. The material is PVC. These are used for example pricing furniture or outdoor furniture. It is also possible to have it in other sizes, with tape, 2 compartments (front and back of the price pocket), metal eye or printing with an logo.
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Price systems

Whole Price tags for coloring or loose figures to put price products. Easy to change the price. A neat solution for varying prices.
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Price tags

Store price tag gun labels with hole.
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Scanning rails

Price tag strips are plastic data strips to put for shelf or on a shelf/glass plate. It is used for display of prices for shelves. Price tags can be placed in it. Is widely used in the supermarket. Scan strips with or not with a magnetic back are also commonly used in the warehouse. The magnetic cardholders are easy to put on a different location if products are moved.
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Signing frames

Price tag frames are made of unbreakable ABS plastic. System with price frames and framework that serves to support your customer to inform about products or offers as well as possible. There are various parts for a price window available.
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Tools for placing price cards or action information. A supergrip has a barb profile.
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Tag gun

There are several kinds of brands tag guns. Before you start with the pricing of your products, you need to check, go for standard or fine. Default is usually used in the fashion and fine lingerie and sheer curtains.
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Tag gun Needle

Spare needles for tagging guns, standard and fine and Long.
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Tag Pin

Tag pins are used in clothing lingerie shops. But can also be very well used in the furniture stores.
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Writing Kit Ink

Ink for writing kits.

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