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Handled plastic 22 liter or 28 liter shopping baskets and badkets with wheels 38 liter. Printing is also possible.

picture of Shopping basket

22 liter

Shopping basket 22 liter
picture of Shopping basket

28 liter

Shoppingbasket made of plastic with contents of 28 litres. Large shopping baskets make it possible to carry more items to checkout. We have this basket in different colors like purple, lilac, yellow, grey, blue and red. Weight limit what a shopping cart of 28 litres can hold is 25 kg.
picture of Shopping basket

28 liter New

picture of Shopping basket

Shopping basket 38 liter

Shopping Basket with wheels is available in red blue, green and yellow with 2 handles. Capacity up to 150 kg. Basket weight 1,98 kg.

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