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Packaging / Tape dispenser

Tape dispensers for on the counter are extra weighted so they do not slip away. We also have swivel models that cut off equal lengths. With the tapedispencer for bags, bags can be closed with 9 mm adhesive tape with large cores. These are commonly used for bread bags and freezer bags. We also have tape dispensers for wide roles packing tape, also called handkarton closers on stock.

picture of Tape dispenser

Bag closure dispensers

These bags closers are used to close bags with tape. Suitable for adhesive tape with a width of 9 mm or 12 mm on a large core. If you put the bag through it, a piece of tape will wrap around the bag, so that the bag is closed.
picture of Tape dispenser

Carton sealer

picture of Tape dispenser

Hand model

picture of Tape dispenser

Table model

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