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Price system / Hand labeller and labels / 26x12mm / unprinted

Labels for labeller size 26 x 12 mm in white or colour. These price gun labels are suitable for labeller Avery 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, BLITZ C6, C8, C10 Meto 526, 626, 826, 1026, PV6, PV7, PV8, Print S6, S7, S8, Tovel ECU 6, Ecu 8, Kendo 26 etc.

picture of unprinted

Freezer labels

picture of unprinted

Permanent adhesive

picture of unprinted

Removable adhesive

Labels 26 x 12 mm wavy removable without printing. These labels are often used for gift items. They easy to remove from packaging, without damaging. These labeler labels fit into Euro, Blitz, Open Data, Evo, Sato Kendo 26, Prix, Tovel, Meto labelers who suitable for this size of label.
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Security slit

Labels with security slits make it hard to remove label in one piece. Security cuts in pricelabels to prevent people from switching tags.
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Textile labels

Textile labels 26 x 12 mm wave without printing on rolls for in a labeller with a perfect adhesion to fabrics.

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